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    I just purchased my Treo last night. By and large I am happy with it. The one problem I have had thusfar is sending email. I am using Business Connection to connect me to my Corporate Email (Exchange). I can receive email fine. However when I compose an email it doesn't appear to go anywhere. It shows up in the sent items box of my Treo but not of my email account. Anyone out there experience this or have advice for fixing?

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    I had the same experience. I received mail from my Outlook/Exchange BizConn connection just fine but email read on my Treo didn't show as read on Outlook and email sent (or Reply) on my Treo didn't send and didn't show as sent (SentItems in Outlook).

    I ended up uninstalling (Delete) BizConn on my Treo and reinstalling it.

    It's worked fine since then.

    BTW: I had been running both BizConn (wireless sync) and Palm Mail (USB sync). I thought there might be a conflict so I set PalmMail to not sync in HotSync before I uninstalled and reinstalled BizConn on my Treo.


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