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    Just wanted to offer hope to those who may search the messages and think that switching from an old 2G plan to Treo is going to be horrible process that is was earlier in the roll out.

    Having been on the losing side of early technology adoption, and an avid reader of this board, I was expecting the worse when my "need to have" impulses drove my car to buy a Treo (that and the $100 credit for turning in a old Visor Deluxe).

    I opened the box, was pleased to find the car charger in there (glad it isn't only and held my breath as I called *2.

    An usually nice SPCS rep answered and handled my activation quickly and painlessly considering that my account had tons of little extras from a retention deal. No, I was not able to maintain any of my perks (except for the equipment credit of course) which I am not too thrilled about. However, I was told by retention that it wouldn't happen, so I can't cry too much (though some people seem to have gotten some of their perks restored).

    Anyway, "wait 24-hours for your name to appear" was the directions I received, though I knew better that user names do NOT appear on Treo screens. I simply waited for the "Your data settings appear to be old, would you like to update them" message (it came about 2 hours after activation...not bad SPCS!) and allowed it to update. Two minutes later I had double green arrows and data.

    Total time from call to full Treo (even using an existing account) 2 hours.

    My initial feelings: I love it. Having done both the Prisim tethered to a cell phone, and the ever buggy Sprint DigitalLink in the past, I am loving the simple "don't even have to think about it" way that internet and email happens. I am currently using TreoMail, but may downgrade to a free service since push (or even timed pull) email is not really important for me.

    Speed. I can't say that there was any "wow" factor, though I have not done any side-by-side comparisons. The email syncing takes a wee bit longer than I would like to send a single message, but I can handle that.

    Everything that was on my Prism seems to work well on the Treo including Launch'em, Wordsmith, and Ultrsoft Money. I would like to install ringers someday, but I will wait until the bugs are worked out.

    I like the keypad, and find that I am more likely to send emails with it than I ever was with graffiti.

    While I grumbled in the beginning about kb vs. minute charges, it does come in handy when you are reading lengthy news articles during peak time to know that your minutes are not ticking away.

    Battery life seems acceptable now, though I do charge every night.

    The screen is much more readable in sunlight than the Prism (one of the reasons why I made the switch), and I love being able to do many functions without opening the flip.

    I ordered screen covers from purplemoo and the M143-N1 headset and will comment if necessary when they come in.

    As always, I have little gripes... I like the thicker stylus, but I sure would like to have been able to keep the numerous expensive stylus (pen combos) that I used before. I also would like a setting in Treo mail to initiate a send/receive whenever I hit the mail button (it loads the program, but I still have to flip the lid and hit sync unless someone knows a better way). I replaceable battery seems to be the biggest miss so far for me, but I understand that keeping the size down was a (good) priority. Hopefully, the rumored piggyback battery looks/works well someday.

    Finally, to make this review complete, I am on the 500 anytime, 4000 n/w with 8megs for $55.00 which is the same that I was paying for 1000 anytime with WW on my old 2G plan. I only use about 500 minutes, so that's why I am not crying about losing the retention deal (though that 1st minute incoming would be really nice...). I also got a replacement plan from the store with intentions of needing a replacement right about when Treo 301 comes out!

    Overall happy camper.
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    It has taken a while, but I have finally reached a point where I am happy with the functionality of the Treo and relatively pleased with the way things are interfacing with Sprint.

    First, I do a tremendous amount of traveling. As a pilot, connectivity issues are paramount for me and since I spent well over 20 days a month on the road, reliable service is important. I am also tethered to the company with a RIM pager and nationwide Cingular service on the pager. So I have Sprint for phone and Cingular for the RIM pager. Not a very efficient way of doing things but it works and is reliable.

    My goal when I started this process was to get rid of the RIM pager and utilize one device for all my communications needs. So here are some thoughts:

    I have my Treo set up to run PAQ's. So I have travelocity, AOL, IM, AirInfor (an FAA airport delay software), TreoMail, Eudora Mail, Eudora Browser, Documents to go 5.0, JOT, Cell Plan Tracker, GlowHack, X-Master, PdaApps Treo300 SMS, OAG, UAL Schedule Finder, Delta Schedule Finder, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    All the software is interfacing flawlessly. I also have an email account through mailshell with alerts enabled. The combination is working flawlessly and I am deactivating my RIM pager since the treo now does everything I need it to do.

    Yes there are some things that I do miss with the Treo, and yes the SMS feature is not as rich as I would like it to be. But, everything is working well, the Infrared Synch is doing what it needs to do so it works with my laptop while on the road. Overall, Im happy and waiting for the next generation.

    Sprint could use a bit more seasoning with the web site and some of their stuff, but if you wait a while things settle down. One day the website is up, the next its down. I dont call Sprint immediately when things go down. I just wait a while and magically it all comes back up.

    Anyways, overall...pretty happy.

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    Finally, to make this review complete, I am on the 500 anytime, 4000 n/w with 8megs for $55.00

    I don't see this plan on the sprintpcs website. I currently have the 500 anytime, 4000 n/w with 2Megs for $55.00 with two year contract. Where do I go for the extra 6Megs?

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    It's there, this is a direct cut/paste from SPCS website:

    4500 = 500 + 4000 $.40 8 MB $.02 54.99

    In case it's a regional thing, my zip is 92806. Go to plans for "PDA & Smartphone Users"
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    Yeah, I'm in the Phoenix area, 85374. I only get 2 mb. Rates seem a little higher here for some reason.


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