I just bought a Treo 90 with a bluetooth card to connect to my phone. It works great, but I have one problem that keeps it from being the full solution I want.

I have unlimited weekends with my phone plan, so I can pretty much stay online all weekend. I intended to use this so that I could stay logged into AIM for long periods of time, and have the treo alert me to new IM's.

My first step was to get AutoOff, a simple program that disables the auto-off feature of the device. Works great.

But now I want the screen to turn off (I would settle for the backlight turning off) so that I can get excellent battery life.

I already tried the power button double-tap and that doesnt bring the backlight all the way off.

So, if anyone knows how to turn the screen or at least the backlight off easily, I'm sticking with the treo.

I think this is the best solution for me, because I get to keep my T68 phone in my pocket without any bulk, and only need to bring the treo with me when I want data. I've tried AIM via text-messaging, but the SMS interface combined with T9 text input just makes it too slow.

If I can't make it work I'll probably return it and wait for the T-mobile sidekick, which is not nearly as small as my T68 but more integrated.

Thanks in advance