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    Just got Treo 300 and I cannot make this work! Contacted Treo - they said it was my POP3 settings and to contact AT&T. AT&T said the settings were correct ( and it was Treo's problem (of course, they never heard of Treo mail).

    My settings on Treo e-mail set-up are:

    email server name:
    ISP account login:
    Port number: 110
    Reply to address:

    However, everytime I make changes to the Treo e-mail set-up screen I get a confirmation e-mail on my Treo 300 that I am now ready to use Treo e-mail. So, their e-mail works! I do not receive any other e-mail and cannot send (even though Treo tells me it has been sent .)

    Treo has set-ups for so many other service providers one would think they would have the settings for AT&T!!!!!

    Any help would certainly be welcome!
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    In the TreoMail set up screen:

    Change the port number to 995 instead of 110...
    make sure you place a check mark next to the SSL connection
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    Thanks alot for your quick and accurate response1

    It worked, both for sending and receiving.

    This device (Treo 300) is the best think since sliced bread!!!!
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    how I get download free mail in treo 600

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