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    Anyone know if either the voice or data service on my Treo 300 will work in Canada (other than in downtown Windsor, Ontario)? The "Sprint Nationwide PCS Network" map on the information-free Sprint web site seems to show coverage in various areas of Canada. I can't tell, though, if it refers only to "roaming" coverage on a dual/tri-band phone, which the Treo isn't. I sure can't tell if Vision data service is available in Canada even if Sprint voice service is. I'm interested in coverage in B.C. (e.g., Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna), if it matters.
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    I do know that the voice service will work roam on the CDMA system up there. Doubt if the 1xRTT service will work up there.
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    You can use your treo on both Bell and Telus in Ontario. I was in Toronto recently and found that the voice end works fine but the data does not. Both Bell and Telus have 1X RTT networks but for some reason, you cannot connect to Sprint up there. You might be able to set up a data account with one of these carriers but I don't think it would be at the higher speeds. Anybody else have any thoughts on this?

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