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    I also had a hard time setting my startac series phone to verizon wireless. I thought I had a bad cable until I went to the supplynet website and clicked on the download section. There is a section there showing how to hook up a PDA to verizon wireless.

    The section on Treo's was worthless, but the Verizon section was helpful.

    Here is the Link
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    Did you get it to work? I could not - if you did get it to work can you share how you set it up.
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    PC to Serial and click on details and put settings to19,200 for speed and flow control to automatic. I called this custom setting talkabout after my talkabout 8160 phone (clever name, huh)


    Service: verizon
    user name qnc
    password qnc
    connection: talkabout (or whatever you called yours)

    Then click on details
    Connection type: ppp
    idle timeout: never
    Check Query DNC box
    check IP address automatic box

    Then click on script

    send atdt#777
    send cr
    delay 4

    Hope it works for u
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    It looks like I have a bad cable.
    Thanks for your reply
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    As a follow up I contacted SupplyNet - they acknowledged that they had a problem with the first batch of Treos 90 & Startac - problem is apparently rectified and they are shipping me a new cable.

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