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    Mytrack has 3 different sites to use. Full blown . Phone Browsers (this is the one I used to use with samsung and sprint wireless web. And lastely the one for palmVII or devices which uses a PQA. The treo300 doesnt work on any of the above. Funny that 2 year old technology used to work. Fidelity has a site that looks just like harris direct and I believe it is totally accessible at least that is what they tell me. May go that route thanks Tim,
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    does that software work on treo's?

    does anyone have that software.
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    Originally posted by tcronk

    reference your comment about blazer not supporting javascript. I have downloaded, installed, and have used a java program called midcast from It is streaming realtime stock data. Is this not the same thing?

    Thanks Tim,
    java applets are not the same thing as java script
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    im pretty sure its not a problem with ssl

    actually i think ssl is working great so great it disables us because there site is checking the %device_id and disableing our phones from using their site

    I dont understand y they would write the pqa for that so that they only support the palm VII

    I think palm told em to do it for security but really all it does is give palm a monopoly o well

    what we need is a way to specify this id in our treo since we have come to the conclusion it doesnt have one by default amoungst other things I'm finding out are missing.

    however it might be an issue of the site checking userid and password and beign that we are using the proxies with out authenticating to them with valid account they are not alowing the session to continue and the pqa generates an ssl error.

    does anyone have a valid account and having the same problems with using pqa's on secure sites?

    can you even get a account with a treo?

    ^^ Your Username was determined when you activated
    ^^ Palm.Net® service on your Palm™ VII or VIIx handheld.
    ^^ Go to the applications launcher on your VII or VIIx handheld.
    ^^ Select the "System" category.
    ^^ Launch the "Preferences" application.
    ^^ Select the "Wireless" category.
    ^^ Your Username is everything prior to "" on the
    ^^ iMessenger line.

    the pqa could be checking for this too

    I have the wireless category now since i install the libraries but no field for entering a username
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    Originally posted by potatoho
    From what I've read, the original clipper library, which ran on the Palm VII, used the Mobitex MAN # as the deviceid. The original Omnisky did not have the deviceid, though they may have worked some kind of deal to get it going.

    Then Palm made a Mobile Internet Kit (Part # P50404U) which added web clipping to several of their devices; IIIx, V, M105 I think, and maybe some others. That DID have a deviceid, which was made from the flash serial number.

    Handspring has never made devices with flash, with the exception of some? of our Treos, which apparently have flash even though they say they don't. Heck I dunno, maybe all Treos have flash. I also don't know if they have the flash serial number, or if it is in the same place as on the Palm devices. i.e. would the Mobile Internet Kit be able to find the flash serial number on a Treo? Would it crash & burn? Likely..

    Would be interesting to try. If anyone can get ahold of P50404U and check it out in the simulator. BTW, definitely do that before *ever* trying it on a real device. Also as a side note I have tried the OS 4.x clipper libraries and they won't work on the Treo. Besides checking for a version number, if you hack that, it will then silently not work, and ultimately complain about some missing API which is in OS 4.x and not 3.5.

    Yeah i tried puting the 4.x library's on too and no such luck

    good idea about checking it in an emulator i have'nt been able to yet still waiting to be able to download the rom for the emulator from palmsource just submit myself as a developer a couple days ago

    we are developing a database site for our treo's and some of the developers on the project dont have treos so im gonna give copys of the emulator so they can test out their work. I would like to make it a secure site using pqa's but it seems im not going to be able to untill we get this worked out if we ever do.
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    anyone have any idea's
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    Originally posted by backwerd
    anyone have any idea's

    Palm.Net does not provide client certificates to be verified by content servers. Therefore, only content server authentication is performed in an SSL transaction.

    In server authentication, a server proves its identity to a client by providing a certificate of credentials. The client verifies the server credentials by confirming that the server possesses the private key matching the public key embedded within the server’s certificate. In addition, several other requirements are verified to further ensure the server’s authenticity. The certificate is verified as having been issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA). The certificate chain is verified to be complete from the end certificate back to a trusted root certificate, and all certificates in the certificate chain are verified to be time valid (not expired) and not revoked. The server identity contained in the server’s leaf certificate is verified to match the server that the client is attempting to contact. The depth of the leaf certificate from any of the issuers in the chain is checked not to exceed the given maximum depth in the certificate extension, if there is one. And finally, the usage of the certificate is verified to be correct. Should any of these requirements fail to be met, the SSL connection fails, and an error is returned to the user.
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    today announced the launch of a new wireless transactional banking service. The service will allow customers of Bank of America (Asia) to access banking services with various Internet-enabled mobile devices — such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) — regardless of the network carrier to which they subscribe.

    not fair im moving

    you would think we would have this by now
    seeing it was published july 2001

    this sucks
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    Can I view My Accounts information via a wireless device?
    My Accounts is not available through wireless devices.


    bank of america sucks
    anyone know of a good bank that i can check my account and do online banking with my treo?
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    In Canada I use Royal Bank. They actually have a Palm App that connects to their servers. I can do everyting on my Treo that I can do from regular web access.

    here is some info.

    They are under in the US, but I couldn't find anything for mobile banking.
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    All i can say is wow! This has been a great thread to read..... It is nice to see a number of people really interested in viewing financial data on their Treo 300.
    Tcronk, we appreciate the reference. Midcast will soon have the capability where you can monitor your online brokerage account and trade via our software.....
    Good stuff everyone!
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