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    I have all of my travel appointments in my work computer on MS Outlook's calendar. Can this be synced with something that works on the Treo? I'd like to be able to call up my appointments on the Treo by syncing rather than reinputting each one by hand.

    I also have MS Outlook on my home computer where I do my Treo syncing. What Outlook file would I have to email home to temporarily replace the entries on my home Outlook (I could temporarily move THAT file to a safe folder) in order for my work appointments to appear and ultimately get into the Treo?

    Any thoughts on solving this situation, anybody?

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    I usually make a backup .pst file of just my calendar from my work computer. Take it home on disk or now send it to my xdrive ( Import the calendar backup pst file using the import from file function at my home computer's outlook. Do a Sync... and entries from my work computer shows up on my Treo.
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    Your Treo 300 will sync with Outlook out of the box. I guess you already know that if you are doing it at home.

    One way, as a one time thing (or periodic thing) would be to use Outlooks import/export feature. Walk through the wizard, export to a file, export to a .PST file. You can export ALL of your Outlook data or just choose the calendar folder. Then send the file home, import to your Outlook at home, then sync with your Treo. Then you will have your work calendar on your home Outlook, and on your Treo. Again, this is sort of a one time deal. The next time you change your work calendar, you would have to go through all of this again.

    Here is what I do. I run my "master" Outlook on my laptop, my main work computer, and sync that with my Treo. I have a desktop PC at home with Outlook. I sync my Treo with that, so that the basic calendar, task, etc are in all three places.

    One caveat with this method is email. I sync email with my laptop and do not have the email capability configured on the home PC. This way I don't mix messages. On the home/desktop PC I use Outlook Express for email only. This is my way of not mixing business with pleasure. I do some personal email on the business account (I can do that, I own the company), but the lesser important and hobby related mailings go to the home account that I use Outlook Express for.

    There are other more complicated approaches like using multiple Outlook profiles, I can give details on that if you like.
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    Thanks. How do you backup just the calendar pst? I only have one pst file and it is the whole ball of wax, old emails and all and it is multi-meg. What's the trick to just get the calendar pst file?
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    Thanks, I posted previous reply before seeing your explanation.
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    That whole procedure worked great. I noticed that the notes don't come across. Are they supposed to or is that not supported? That is, if you have notes for an appointment ... they didn't make it into the treo for me. Anybody know how to do this?
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    The text in the note field from Outlook comes across for me. Check your home Outlook record. Does the note show up there? If not it is an export from work problem, if so it is a sync problem. I did an export of my calendar and checked that file, the note information showed up there too.

    Do you not even get the little note icon next to the calendar entry in the single day view?
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    The import at home worked fine. The notes show up on my home computer. In the treo the note icon is absent. If I manually add a note while using treo, the note icon appears. The sync, however, did not bring the notes in.

    Any ideas?
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    It sounds like a sync problem. I looked at all of the sync options I could find, and didn't see anything related.

    Are you using the Pocket Mirror that came with the Treo or a third party app? Either way, I am stumped.

    Anyone else?
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    I am syncing with the out of the box treo software.
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    I can sort my contacts in outlook b company, but I cannot get these to stay in my TREO .What options do I have.

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