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    It seems there is now a working solution for Treo graffiti which doesn't seem to have been mentioned here. I've tried most of them but browsing the other day noticed there is now a RecoEcho Plus on CIC's website with a T270 picture. Its not listed as an update to the original RecoEcho but I asked nicely and they e-mailed it to me as an update. Now I finally have main screen grafitti with numbers (that don't stop working after a short time) and punctuation (although its still a bit iffy getting the right character)

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    What version do you have?
    I have RecoEcho Plus 1.0... haven't played with it yet.

    Do you have a newer version?
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    Yes, its RecoEcho Plus v1.0 I've installed replacing RecoEcho v1.1. So far its turned out to be almost everything I had expected originally from RecoEcho. CIC confirmed to me that RecoEcho Plus is Treo compatible whereas they said RecoEcho was not
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    Wow... it really works now. much better than NewPen and with no fatal exception in every other app!!

    I'm definitely buying this one! Thanks for pointing it out. Please consider posting this to the general treo forum as I'm sure all would be interested.

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