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    Lately I've been missing a lot of calls. I'll look at my Treo for something else and see a message that I've just missed a call. Trouble is I never heard it ring and the ringer was on and I was in a place where I definitely would have heard it ring.

    Anyone else having similar problems?
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    Sounds exactly like how my Treo was behaving a few days before the radio completely died.

    Not saying you're in the same boat for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had a lock up soon, followed by a soft reset, followed by a lock up every time you try to engage the radio portion of the Treo.

    Handspring was good about replacing mine fairly quickly, at least.
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    I think I've had this happen, where i'm surprised to see I missed a call or have a voicemail since I didnt hear it ring and I've been near the phone...but I have a habit of leaving the ringer silenced, so its possible i just didn't hear the Treo vibrating...So I'm not completely sure whether the missing calls is my fault or the Treo's...
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    I called Handspring and they asked me to try to duplicate the error by repeatedly calling my phone, 20-30 times. I called myself a dozen times (I'll wait till the weekend when all my minutes are free before trying more) and had no misses. They gave me a case # and said if I continued to have the problem after doing a hard reset, they would replace the treo.
    I'm not ready to do that quite yet. We'll wait and see what develops.
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    I did, and seemed to start having this problem. Luckily, I got a replacement for the stylus problem, and it seems to work good again. I'll wait to install the GPRS patch.

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    No, I haven't installed the GPRS upgrade. I've become conservative when it comes to installing unauthorized upgrades and hacks. After I installed a hack and accompanying program for tracking minutes of air time used I had a problem with my wireless turning itself off. The only 3rd party program I use now is WeSync Calendars and Contacts.

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