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    I find that as soon as the Treo is out of range of Sprints network, it eats through the battery trying to find a network! This is a bug that needs to be fixed!

    Even worse, I've found that if you stay out of range too long (can't quqntify that yet), you have to perform a soft reset to get the Treo to recognize the Sprint network again (and stop the red LED from blinking!). This has happened to me several times, once while I was in a raised floor datacenter and the other time on the road out of range for several hours.

    I also haven't found any way of completely turning off the Treo 300! Even when it "Shuts down", the calendar alarms still go off as scheduled and the battery power is slowly depleted over time.

    Can I assume there will be a firnware upgrade for the Treo 300 in the near future? Who would I submit these potential "bugs" to, Sprint or Handspring?
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    The need to soft reset problem has been discussed - check this thread:
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    From where I sit, I like the idea that I can still have a functional Palm alarm when the phone is off. It really doesn't deplete much power. I don't want to get web alerts in the middle of the night so I can use the Big Clock alarm to wake me up in the morning.

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