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    On my old PCS phone, there is a "power save" mode that the phone goes into when it is out of a service area or in an area where there is low service. I am wonder if there is a similar mode in the Treo 300?
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    I havnent found any powersave mode in the Treo 300. To the contrary, I find that as soon as the Treo is out of range of Sprints network, it eats through the battery trying to find a network!

    Even worse, I've found that if you stay out of range too long (can't quqntify that yet), you have to perform a soft reset to get the Treo to recognize the Sprint network again (and stop the red LED from blinking!).

    In fact, I haven't found any way of turning off the Treo 300? Even when it "Shuts down", the calendar alarms still go off as scheduled.
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    Another great way to save power in poor reception areas is to disable roaming. I've noticed that with roaming disabled, my Treo uses significantly less power in poor reception areas.

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