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    Does anyone know of a good email client that works with ms exchange? My main concern is to be able to receive my work email and to respond to it with my work email addy. (This is so people will think I am at work when maybe I'm not )

    I am currently using Infowave's Symetry Pro, but my trial period is about to expire and the subscription is pretty damn expensive. I would prefer an app that doesn't require a desktop client to be running obviously, but hey...beggers can't be chosers!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure I completely follow what you need, but check out Mailshell ( $34.95/year, you can have up to 3 outside e-mail addys come into this, you can pull it using Eudora on the palm and e-mail back using Eudora from your work address provided it's one of the addys you are pulling mail from.

    Or, you can access the PDA friendly Mailshell website and do all of the above as well (read/send e-mail).

    You can get notified by SMS hourly when you have new messages.

    Good luck, check it out. I believe there is a demo you can pull down, and if you do decide to go for teh $34.95/year, you have 30 days to cancel.

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    I've used and tried and tested and rejected (kept some, for varying amounts of time) about all mail redirectors that are out there (Symmetry Pro, Corsoft's Aileron - pretty good, Dataviz' Inbox To Go - great for attachments - probably others I can't recall) and Sprint's own Business Connection is the one that currently has my fancy. It pushes the mail to you (if selected), allows you to access and e-mail files from selected folders in your PC, responses come as if from your own PC (which in fact is how they're sent - the sent messages are in the 'Sent Items' folder in Outlook. Good to check if something went or you need access to it later) So I like it a lot. The Palm client is pretty nice - the only thing I wish it had is an e-mail signature, which most other Palm/Exchange mail programs do have. Not a huge thing, but still.

    Check it out and see what you think. It's worked very well for me and I've been the road with a lot of 'em.
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    The Sprint BC app is the first one I tried. I did like some of the features, access to the corp exchange and access to my desktop to send attachments. But I don't like the desktop app that has to be running with it. It crashed way to many times for me as well as the palm app causing fatal errors on my handheld.

    I am currently using Symetry Pro right now and I am very happy with it. I am just not happy with the price I am going to have to pay to continue using it if I do. My trial expires today and I would like to find a different one to use.

    You can add a signature to your outgoing emails for the Sprint BC product btw.

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    OK, so I've searched and searched on the Palm client side, and I can't tell where or how, in any 'Prefs' or anything, where one can create a signature to be used with outgoing messages.
    Clue me in, MattMan.

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