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    When I am using the handsfree, I can't use the button on the handsfree to answer an incoming call. I press it, and I hear the person for a half second then the Treo says I missed a call. I actually had someone call me 3 times in a row and each time I tried answering with the button it hung up on them. Is this "only" a hang-up button and not an answer-the-phone button or am I doing something wrong???
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    there is a patch I found here in this ng. Give me your email and I'll send it to you.

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    I pm'd you my email, thanks...
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    Here is the headset patch from Handspring
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    Thanks for the headset patch.

    I've downloaded it, how do I install it properly?
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    Just download and double click it to add it to the installer for your treo. As a follow up, it does work, but I've also added gprs update since i've done this, and this patched file is probably included in there.
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    Yep, you don't need anymore PhoneHalLib with GPRS 1.1.
    (third time today...)
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