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    Silly question, I suppose. On all my other Palm devices, I used to be able to beam my business card by holding down the phone button for a few seconds. I have selected the business card I want to be the default, but when I hold down the phone button, it starts to dial my voicemail. I looked through the preferences, but didn't find anything.

    Any ideas?

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    any comments?
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    I was frustrated by this as well, and was happy to find that iambic Agendus will do this even though DateBk5 and the included software on the treo don't seem to.
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    I have been using TakePhONE - a wrapper that works with the Treo300 address book. First, you select your contact record as your "business card". Then when you are in TakephONE and hold down the phone button, it will beam your contact record (or any record that you selected for that matter).

    You can check out Handango to try this program.
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    Of course you can beam! The contact app is just the normal palm app .. go to the menu and beam away!
    Same for datebook! (although I am using Datebook 5 now!)

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