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    Hello Treo 300 owners,

    I am currently a customer of Sprint and an avid Handspring Visor user. I'm now ready to combine the two and after playing with a friend's Treo 300 for a couple of minutes, I've decided to purchase one. I am aware of the Sprint $100 credit rebate if I send in my Handspring PDA. Since all of you are already owners, I am looking for advice on the best place to purchase the Treo 300 and if anyone is aware of any other deals. I also have a new Sprint phone (Sanyo SCP 5100) to get rid of....don't know if there is anywhere to trade that in.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    Matt, check out Handspring's site. You may get free shipping and no sales tax. Some people have mentioned that Compuserve had a $200 credit ($50/mo) but not sure if thats still going. Check Sprint site too...may have same deak as HSpring.
    Good luck,
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    For the $100 sprint/handspring rebate, do we need to buy from one of those two places or could we buy from CompUSA or some other store?
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    I believe you need to buy from sprint or hspring. As a matter of fact, almost positive. You need to send a packaging slip or receipt, so I'm sure they make sure they are from Sprint or Handspring. You have until October 12, 2002 to purchase.

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    The most important feature I am in need of is a good ms exchange app. The one I have been using is Infowave's Symetry Pro, but it is expensive. My trial period is about up and I don't want to have to purchase it.

    Does anyone know of an email app that works with exchange and I would prefer that a desktop client doesn't have to be running.

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Your only options for having secure email sent to you from inside a firewalled network are to use a redirector or an exchange 'adapter'.

    The redirector is the tray item that sits there talking to Exchange or Notes server and routinely sending out your mail via SSL encryption to a wireless server. Some IT folks are a little wary of this hole in their network security even if it is encrypted in the same way as credit card transactions. These redirectors use the SSL libraries of Internet Explorer usually. I have found it to be very secure as long as I dont lose my Treo.

    The other option to consider is the Exchange or Notes adapter software which is for corporations who embrace wireless for all their employees or at least a signifigant group so that the cost of the software makes sense. My company put in the server software from Visto for our Exchange server and it works beautifully with TreoMail. I no longer have a redirector and I enjoy the freedom.

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