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    I have had my Treo300 for a little over a month, and I think my phone speaker blew... or came lose in the flip part of the phone. I was wondering if anyone had experienced sending their treo in for service? I could not find any documentation on who to take the phone to. Do I take it to CompUSA where I bought it? or Do I send it to Handspring? or Do I get it to Sprint? I did buy the PDA Kit from CompUSA that has a 24month replacement plan, but it is only a onetime deal and only if the pda becomes inoperable.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?



    (ps. check out our sites new error pages - treo related)
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    Not many replies here. If I were you, I would've purchased the ERP from Sprint ($4/month, $35 deductible and they fix or send a new/refurbished phone).

    If you take it to Compusa, I'm sure they'll tell you to send it to Sprint... Then again, it may be under a warranty with Handspring. Do you have your paperwork? It should tell you there. The paperwork that came in the phone box should also have warranty details about Handspring as well.

    I guess I'd: 1) Go to Compusa 2) Handspring (call first) 3) Sprint

    Good luck...

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    You call Sprint first for repairs and they send you to a store to verify the problem. I suggest going straight to a Sprint store and get them to do diagnostics there and then and issue a repair order. Handspring support cannot authorize repairs on the 300 - I asked them already.

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