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    Are there any browsers out there that will display an HTML page without cramming it into the Treo's 160 pixel screen width? Why can't any of the available browsers display an HTML page with a horizontal scroll bar? It would make browsing the web so much more usable and readable. I can't imagine why developers would beleive that it is better to wrap pages and fit it all on one screen, than to display them as the page designers intended. What's the point of having a fully compatible HMTL browser if all you can view effectivly is WAP pages?
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    Most people hate horizontal scrolling. You may find that you are in the minority on this one.
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    I find that hard to believe. So many web pages are completely unreadable, especially when tables are invovled, when crammed into the tiny width. Anyway, why would horizontal scrolling be worse than vertical scrolling? The current method requires a lot more vertical scrolling as the pages get extremely long and narrow. Leaving that argument aside, why not give users the option of determining for themselves how to display the page/site with some kind of wrap/no wrap setting?
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    Originally posted by jhubers
    Leaving that argument aside, why not give users the option of determining for themselves how to display the page/site with some kind of wrap/no wrap setting?
    You can do the above with Pocket Internet Explorer on a Pocket PC. I guess you have to consider if it is worth the extra money. Even when you do have the horizontal scrolling it is fairly easy to get 'lost' on a web page, but the 4 way scroll button works well.

    To be honest I prefer Pocket PC's but using them as a phone / PDA solution with Sprint costs too much, and the phone features take too much of a hit.
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    I agree w/ everything you say about Pocket PC's. I would prefer to have one if it had better phone integration and a keyboard like the Sharp. There must be a way to make a better browser for the Palm/Treo in the meantime.
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    Believe me, horizontal scrolling makes sites almost unusable. Post the URL of a site you want to view with horizontal scrolling and I'll add a tag to make Blazer not compress it and you can see for yourself...
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    What tag will you add to keep Blazer from compressing a page?
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    the info is on handspring's site in the developer section, but it has to be in the page itself so you have to be able to insert the tag into the HTML.

    I'd be happy to do this for you on a page of your choice and post it where you can browse to it and see the difference.
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    I assume you are talking about the HandheldFriendly meta tag. I have used this to prevent reformatting and much prefer the results on some pages. The point is, we should be able to decide what pages are acceptably squished and which aren't.
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    If you're comfortable with some light web programming, you can make a page that grabs the HTML of some web page, adds the meta tag and a base href and you're all set.

    Kind of a pain, but if you have your own bookmarks set up and frequent the same pages on a regular basis it works pretty well.
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    That is what I have done in the past. My point is I don't want to have to do that for everypage I run across in the future. It is quite time consuming. There must be a way for Handspring to make it page/site specific option from within the browser.
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    I agree there should be an option like there is in AvantGo "Show Tables". You might want to look at using AvantGo instead of Blazer actually...

    But I still can't believe you want to have horizontal scrolling - what pages are you looking at?
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    I view a lot of pages on my intranet that display huge tables of statistics. The pages may have 40 columns of numbers in varying widths across a table w/ 100 or more rows. It is impossible to read down a column when they are wrapped.
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    I guess you should ask them to add the handheld friendly meta tag then
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