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    Handspring just posted their fix for us folks who lost their Mail and Expense ICONs on the Treo. I just downloaded the patch and all is well!!!!!

    Nice to have mail back on the Treo!
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    Handspring Update 1.1 ( OS 4.1H3)

    if you ask me, im happy to see the built in Mail and Expense programs go.....

    i use 3rd party, all the way to replace all my built in apps
    (im sticking with 4.1H2 till i have nothing better to do)
    I love my Treo 90.
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    I had nothing better to do... So I installed it. It installed fine, but now my treo is living in "safe mode" until I can find time to fix it...
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    If you don't like the mail and expense app, try deleting them. They appear to be in RAM downloaded from the compressed ROM. They shouldn't appear again until you do a hard reset.

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