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    Last week I was bragging on my 755P and Saturday it started acting up. When I woke up in Saturday it was dead, out of power. When I plugged it in to recharge, it started rebooting. Over and over again. It would show the Access Power screen then the Palm screen. Over and over again. Would not stop.

    So, I preformed a hard reset. Set everything back to factory resets and it seemed to work fine for about 30 minutes. Then I connected it to my computer and synced it. Everything was back to the last reset, about 8 days old. Soon after that I started getting a memory error message. Stating that my device was short on memory. Well, I had about 43.5 mb free out of 62.8 mb. So, I could only assume it was complaining about my phone log or text chat log being full. (One moring I woke up and found my text log missing. I like to keep text and phone long for legal reasons). My phone log was 13 months long and my text long was about 3 months long. I usually make about 30 calls per day.

    So I reset the phone again, which re-installed all of my software and things seemed to work good for about a day. Then it went into the restart mode again. So I reset the phone again, deleted some of the text messages, and the phone worked for about 3 days. Today it went crazy again.

    Now I'm thinking that the phone has a preset memory allowance for the phone long, text log, etc. It doesn't do it for any good. Today I had the phone sitting next to me, looked down, and it was restarting. Wouldn't stop until I removed the battery. As soon as I put the battery back in it started restarting again.

    Sorry this message is so long. Any suggestings?
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    Well, I reset the phone and purged a few messages from my text system and still had a problem a few days later with it rebooting. I reset the phone again and used it without updating or syncing it to my palm os with my computer and it worked fine for 4 days.

    So, my guess is that it has a pre-set memory allowance for text messages and phone log messages. So I have reset the phone again, synced it to my computer and I'm purging the phone log back to the past 2 months and I'm purging the text messages back to 1 month. I'll post back in a week to update.
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    Well, that really did not work out. So I backed up everything to my 700p and started over. Once I got my 755p reset again I purged all of the messages out of my text chats and it works fine now.

    I think the text boxes have a set memory allowance and I had about 1,500 text messages some with attachments (photos) in them. I think that was causing a glitch in my phone memory system. Since I reset the phone and cleared out the sent messages I have not had a problem with it.

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Glad you got it worked out!

    I seem to recall having the same problem once because of a program I downloaded, which was incompatible with the phone. I probably had to do a complete wipe of the device and then make sure it wasn't set to sync on my PC.

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