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    The link below to the Handspring site has software upgrades for the Treo family:
    This includes Palm Desktop and HotSync 4.0.1 for Windows based Treos. However the Treo 300 is not listed. And I see other verbage at the Handspring site that we need to go to the sprintpcs site for 300 support.

    I don't know about other users, but my Treo 300 includes version 3.5.2H6.0 for the PalmOS and HotSync v.3.5.

    My office neighbor just got a Treo 90 from Handspring. All of her included software are versions 4.x where all of my Treo 300 software are 3.5.

    Has any Treo 300 users upgraded the PalmOS and the HotSync software from the Handspring site? Any problems?

    What versions do other 300 users have? Is it worth it to upgrade to 4.x?
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    See this thread .
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    I went from a series of Palms to a Kyocera 6035, and now to a Treo300. My HotSync Manager version is 4.0.1 (which I <think> I upgraded on my own back in the 6035 days), and my Palm Desktop is 4.1.
    So - draw your own conclusions. It all works for me just-ah fine-ah.

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