Hi all, I'm posting -FWIW- the guts of a reply to a Treo 300 thread with some *relatively* good data news for 270 owners.
I'm not an engineer, I just try to make sense of the available data, such as it is. I went to http://www.fcc.gov/oet/fccid/ and entered o8f - the first 3 digits of the code for your Treo device (which you'll find in your SIM card compartment) designating Handspring-, and click "start search", you'll see the series of Handspring devices. My reading given the grant dates is that NYNY is for the 180, NYNY2 is the 270, and the last one -LON- is for the 300. You can see that o8fNYNY2 is the FCC code on your 270.

The Grants read as follows for the 3 models:

Treo 180 (o8fNYNY): "The highest reported SAR values are - Head: 0.76 W/kg; Body-worn: 0.58 W/kg; Hand: 2.37 W/kg."

Treo 270 (o8fNYNY2): "The highest reported SAR values are - Head: 0.396 W/kg; Body-worn: 0.235 W/kg"

Treo 300 (o8fLON): The highest reported SAR values are - Head: 1.4 W/kg; Body-worn: 0.877 W/kg

I don't know why they don't include hand numbers for the latter two, but I don't like it. You jump to your own conclusions. The 2.37 figure is high and I don't buy one person's "meaningless" claims on the 300 thread. The head and body figures reported for the 270 are the best/lowest. The head figures for the 300 are 3 times as high as the for the 270. My reading of the early and limited research that is available -most coming out of Europe- is that none of these radiation levels for body parts affected are harmless -its a matter of relative harm, and I always opt for the phones that get the lower ratings. If we need or want to use these wonderful devices, some of us will choose to make sense of the limited (not bad) science that is made available to us through the quick and limited reviews done by "our" government for the manufacturers. Caveat emptor. Best to all.