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    I read the other posts about SupplyNet cables NOT working with the Treo 90... Mine doesn't work either.

    I bought the Motorola Timeport 270 Cable and I can't get it to work at all. When the 90 tries to connect, my phone makes a two beep noise and the 90 times out..

    I'm starting to think that my cable is defective. I had my Prism/Qualcomm 860 working in about 5 minutes after getting the proper cable. And it worked practically everytime...

    No luck this time.

    Also, I have a complaint about SupplyNet... They sent me the wrong cable the first time and then refused to take it back w/o a restocking fee and lost shipping both ways. They claimed that I ordered the wrong cable, I'm sure they just sent me the wrong one...

    Maybe I'll check with MarkSpace...

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    Cables now work (for me) after all, see my posting in the "Treo 90 And Kyocera 3035" thread.

    I'd have to think it through but this might mean that
    receive and transmit are reversed.


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