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    I had a chance to play this weekend to play with the SPRING Pocket PC Phone. I can tell you that the only that might hold me from changing phones is the form factor. Here is a short recap:

    1.- Screen of the Pocket PC phone is much more readable in the direct sunlight than the TREO 300
    2.- Web browsing was pretty fast and handled frame type pages very well, I even logged on my Bank account with no problem.
    3.- I was able to hear music and browse the web (for like 20 minutes) at the same time, battery did not really suffer that much.
    4.- If I am hearing music and a call comes in the volume in the music go down to allow you take the call.
    5.- MS Integration great.Open/Viewed/Edit and responded to e-mails with attachments
    6.- Connectec to all of my POP accounts with no problem.
    7.- Provisioning of data took 12 hours.
    8.- My only issue was the price. SPRINT should sell this unit by monthly installments.
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    Let me thank you for making me doubt my recent purchase!

    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    Don't feel bad I have a TREO 300 and I just do not understand why there is nothing else posted about the Sprint Pocket PC Unit. So I decided to search and try one out.
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    I was kidding buddy. I always want the newest kewl-est device. It's a disease called gadgetitus and can be fatal if married to the wrong person....
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    You don't want to wander too far from a power outlet with that Pocket PC device. It cannot last longer than 10 hours without a charge. The bottom line with Pocket PC is that ambient power usage is very high for their high-speed processors with high refresh rates on their overly large RAM. This is a very bad story in terms of day-to-day usage. Files are bigger than they need to be and therefore RAM is also large. There is a direct correlation between RAM size and battery usage.

    How do you respond to emails without a keyboard. It is one thing to get Business Connection emails arriving in so you can read them but response is essential. Using stylus based writing just does not cut it IMHO. There is an accessory keyboard for the Audiovox but then portability is compromised.

    The Audiovox is too big - it is like the T-Mobile PocketPC phone - open face is not a desirable form for a phone that is this long and wide. A bar style phone needs to be smaller like the Stinger forms proposed by Sendo. I have seen quite a few i300s which are about 1 year old and they look very scratched up and tired due to the unporotected screen.
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    1.-I can say with a good degree of confidence that both the Pocket PC and the Treo behaved in a similar manner in regards to power consumption. My TREO will not last 10 hours using as a phone with a usage at aprox 45 minutes /day + 15 minutes of data. I am not in roaming area but some areas are poor in regards to signal strenght.
    2.- I had units side by side and for some reason I had always better signal strenght indication with the Pocket Pc Why? beats me.
    3.- Input method. Yes the keyboard is great. I like over stylus input. But also I tried the Pocket Pc Transcriber and I like the character recognition when working with a WORD document.
    4.- Screen in the Outdoors is something critical as the Keyboard. I am always on the road and it is quite annoying not see you caller ID.

    I am trying to illustrate differences with the Pocket PC from Sprint as it is the only other device out there in the CDMA band that can compare itself.
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    The Sprint PPC Device (Toshiba 2032) is really only for those who want a PDA first and a phone a distant second. First, you cannot hold the phone up tp your face and speak like a regular mobile phone. You must either use a headset or the speakerphone. However, you can turn the phone upside down and use it like a regular (if you want to call it that) phone but this is not recommended by Toshoiba/FCC as the radiation level would exceed the recommended limits. Second, you have two separate address books: one from the MS PPC OS (which you cannot dial from) and one to dial from for the phone. Finally, battery life is pretty dismal (10 hours standby?). I would think twice before purchasing that device. There are two new CDMA PPC devices set to be released in the coming months: Sprint/Samsung's I700 (which has a built-in camera) and what looks to be a CF slot from the pics I've seen (not 100% sure on that) and one of the new iPAQs (5000?) which will also have Bluetooth (comes in a few flavors, all with BT: CDMA/1xRTT, GSM/GPRS, GPS(?), 802.11b).
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    Where did you find the radiation levels, I could not find it in my instruction book. Like I stated before battery life ins comparable to the TREO ( Remember I still use my TREO ), I just borrowed one of these PPC to try it.
    Two contact databases exist as this is not a Pocket PC Phone edition unit.
    One thing you reminded me is on the earpiece/speakerphone:

    a) Speaker phone of the PPC is loud enough to be heard within a car in the highway, my TREO cannot do that.
    b) I use my TREO with a Plantronics set, as I cannot get use to using with lid open against my ear. The Flip cover is to weak when compared even with phones such as the Motorola V60 and V66.

    New Units are coming out from HP-Compaq ( 5000 Series ), the CDMA Unit is just a speculation. In any case these units will be come available maybe by 1st quarter next year. I doubt you will see any new CDMA phones for now, with the exception of the Kyocera 7135 and Samsung I300 replacement and the new I500/600. That I will also try to test.
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    I seem to remember reading about the radiation levels on the Thera/2032's info posted on the FCC website. Regardless of where I got the information from, it seems to be common knowledge as I've seen the same information posted on other message boards.

    I know the 2032 is not a PPC PE device but that still doesn't make up for its necessity to use two separate address books. That's just poor integration in my (and I'm sure a lot of other's) book.

    While I have not used the 2032 for an extended period of time, I find it hard to believe that a device that claims 100+ hours of standby time and one that claims 10 hours of standby give similar battery life. That's not to say what you are saying isn't true but rather maybe are you sure you have the same useage pattern with both?

    The lid on the Treo may be weak but its still a nice feature to be able to use your mobile phone like a regular mobile phone, especially when connecting a headset might not be the easiest thing to do at a given moment. But this doesn't seem to be a problem for you. So while it might not make a difference for you, I'm sure this lack of feature in the 2032 will be a key point for others in their decision to purchase the device or not.

    The websites I've seen talking about the 5000 series almost all list a CDMA unit as one of the models to be released. But I would also expect the Samsung I700 (PPC PE device) to be released in conjunction or shortly after the release of the I500 and I600. Of course, all this is really pointless specualtion until the units are actually released...
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    I have checked the battery by doing:

    a) Same calling and data activities.
    b) Leaving the Phone on , but with no use. To Check idle consumption.
    c) Doing Calendar Task and talking on the phone tasks.

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