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    hello everyone I used to own a visor and was a loyal handspring user but Sony has won me over with their devices. But now that the treo 90 is here with the thumboard (i really really hate graffiti) i have jumped ship again. Although I do miss the high resolution screen
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    Welcome home.

    Though Hi-Res is nice, you'll probably enoy the added battery life of the 90.
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    Hey J. Kevin (it's palmguy - some slug used the moniker in this forum before I had a Palm - go figure)

    You know I love my Treo, but the next thing I hope that Handspring does in include a more high res screen - now that I have color I'd like all of them.

    Though, having said that, I also love how long the screen lasts. I read Piloting Palm on my new Treo. For a guy (me) that is in the process of doing a startup company and getting funding, what an awesome read that was!

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    HS has always been geared towards the user who wants a lot for their money. Since even the 90 is communication focused, they probably figured that this screen is faster and much more functional for viewing web graphics. I'm betting hi-res isn't a big issue with the HS engineers. It's also interesting that nobody really buys hi-res black and white devices. I think that shows that users prefs are for color first and high res second.

    Likewise I just read Piloting Palm. (But the print version. Didn't know it was in Palm format. Guess I shoulda figgured.) I find it interesting that the first Palm Jeff Hawkins didn't envision was the 705.

    Best of luck staring up,

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    Yeah, and we all saw how successful the i705 was

    And for good reason, it was just the VII in a prettier box. The issues were all with which was always the issue.

    I have a friend who is a Palm marketing rep, he only uses it if he has to. Usually he uses his m130.

    Nice thing is, he also gives me some mini-scoops on what it going on too Even though I must say, you can usually find out more on Palm InfoCenter.


    PS Thanks, I'll need every possible blessing and move of divine providence to make the start up work I'm sure!

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