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    I have my conduit settings for Business Connection set to 'sync files' (and I've checked and rechecked), but when I sync, either wirelessly or via cradle, the PC modifications always overwrite the handheld. And I DO have the settings right (just checked again). It's strange, and it seems to have started happening within the last week or so - i.e., the updates were both way until about a week ago.
    Everything else works fine - push, etc. Just when I delete a message on the handheld, it doesn't delete the message on the desktop, and the sync results in recreating the message on the handheld. Not the worst thing in the world, but I'd still like it to work as designed.
    I know the Sprint folks won't have a clue - thus, I approach the good people in this forum. So - any thoughts? (other than - 'check your conduit settings, dummy')
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    While in process of diagnosing the problem, I caused a hard reset, and the one-way sync seems to be fine now. Who knows...
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    When you say you're "syching via the cradle" it makes me suspicious. You shouldn't be synching via the cradle for mail if you're using BizCon. Are you using the Palm email conduit in addition to BizCon? If so, that's your problem.
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    Actually, just like any other conduit, BizConn has its own settings for cradle syncing. Wired or wireless - makes no difference, as far as BizConn goes. I do both wireless and wired syncing (all with BizConn, not necessarily the built-in Mail conduit), and things are now working fine.
    A hard reset (for an unrelated issue) seems to have fixed it.
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    After I installed BizConn on my PC I noticed that my Datebook/Calendar no longer synced via USB.

    Looking at HotSync I see I no longer have a conduit installed for Datebook.

    Did you experience this? Did BizConn perhaps uninstall this?

    (I also noticed PocketMirror was installed and uninstalled it about the same time....was this my Datebook conduit??)

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    well that's strange. I actually sync wirelessly vis fusionOne (an old holdout from the days when they were signing up individual users - they're out of that business now [going with carriers only] and I'm a grandfathered user).
    So I don't use PocketMirror or any other sync software like that, but BizConn should not have, in theory, messed with your desktop conduit settings, as far as I know...

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