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    Has anybody determined whether we can use

    I get an "invalid password or username" message with Eudora using the username (I also tried it without the part). I'm on hold right now for level2 tech support. But I may get a faster response from you guys!

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    I gave up on it. It was working for me when I got my Treo and my vision plan, but a couple of weeks later it just died. After nights on hold with all levels of Sprint tech support I just threw in the towel. The account still works from the website though, so it's obviously just one more thing that they've screwed up.

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    The username DOES include the "" segment. The password I had to use was the Sprint password, NOT the vision password (no one at sprint seemed to know this a few weeks ago). I had to keep banging around with it, but I've had no problems for the past month using Eudora to access sprintpcs email.
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    Tony at "Wireless Web Tech Support" (1-888-211-4727) says that all sprint customers can access the pop and smtp servers.

    He tried to access using my username & password and it did not work for him either. Then he reset my password (to the same password) and tried again and it worked.

    Now it works for me too.

    Using Eudora, my reply address does not have to be - I can set it to anything I want.

    Another good tip: you can work out the pop/smtp settings with a desktop email client to isolate 3G issues.


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    I also use eudora. But have had no success. I tried some of the suggestions here but I get a message saying that relaying is not allowed. From what I can tell that looks to say that sprint doesn't allow you to send messages from from a third-party site. somehow you guy figured out how to do it so treat me like a six year old and tell me what i'm missing. my username is with the @sprintpcs. and my password is my generic sprint password. maybe something else is wrong.

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