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    Hello all. I recently switched from Pre to Centro.

    For me being able to do this, I wanted to buy a GSM Centro by using eBay, and I ended having two: one from France and one from Germany.

    Well, the thing is that aside having different keyboard layouts (AZERTY for France, and QWERTZ for Germany), the french Centro *DOES* have an option to enable SMS receipt confirmation, while the german *DOES NOT*.

    I tried to send the nexter files from the french centro to the german one, but this still *NOT* enabled the german one to have the SMS receipt option.

    But the thing is that by looking with an editor into the nexter_xxyy.prc file, the "SMS receipt" text *IS THERE*, but it simply is *NOT SHOWN*.

    The version of the SMS app is the same: 2.7

    I think I will try to replace the sms library or the phone libraries of the german centro with the french ones...

    Or is that a french goverment requirement for the centros being able to be sold in France? (they have a lot of requirements that many other countries does not)
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    In the UK, this option used to be available but generally phones phased it out about 2003.

    Probably the network protocol still supports it but the carriers don't like it.

    Much like CELL ID. Available on my 2002 Sharp GX1, so it is being transmitted, but no other phone I know displays it!
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