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    I'm ready to give up. No vision access (I love the post by the guy that said everything was working fine...he just wasn't able to log onto the manage side of his account -he he. right buddy, that's the whole deal -their "vision" database has no clue)

    Anyway, Can any former customers tell me the details of the return process. Was the monthly charge prorated based on minutes used? Was the activation fee refunded? Any other catches? I bought at a retail store, do I just walk in there for my refund?


    If things don't improve, this topic should be added to the FAQ.
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    Ya know.. It's unbelievable how many hours I have spent sitting on the phone either on hold or with people that either have no clue or are flat-out lieing to me about what the problem is or what they are doing...
    In the last 3 days I have spent 16+ hours on the phone with SprintPCS trying to get the "Vision" part of the system to work.

    Frankly - at this point in time, I am very close to just turning it off and returning it to them in the hope that T-Mobile and the Treo 270 will work out better..

    I had such high hopes that this device would replace my PDA, Cell and the Blackberry device I was going to buy.

    I had read this forum and others, but the information about their lacking technical support in regard to the SMS and Vision platform was from 3 weeks to two months old and I thought (for sure) that they would have gotten themselves squared away by now. Well, when you add the 16 hours this weekend to the 10 hours I had already spent with them to get this thing setup, it adds up to FAR AND ABOVE any "reasonable" time frame to get this device operational.

    There will be one more "Factory Refurb" Treo 300 on the market in a short period of time..
    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!

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