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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by J. Kevin Wolfe

    Go into a contact in Contacts and press edit. Your scroll buttons should shift fields.

    Nope, it does not...Going into contacts, selecting a contact, then using the scroll button only pages up or down, not moving from field to field. That may be true on the 180 etc., but not my 90. I downloaded Treo Keyboard Utilities and that solved the problem.
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    can you tell me where to find pop? went looking and never found it.
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    I've got a Treo 90. I enter a contact, press edit and my scroll buttons jump fields. Shift-scroll jumps pages.

    Pop! is at
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    bummer I put on text plus last night. it looks like pop won't work with it. thext plus will do everything but the date.
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    Pop! doesn't seem to have any conflicts with CorrectHack. That way you get advanced text correction, shortcuts through CorrectHack and date and time through Pop!
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    correct hack does not look bad but text plus will do far more. it makes a list of words you use and then pops up with them as you type. and it will start popping up with the oens you use the most first. plus it does prases and such too. but as far as I can tell not the date. Hell the date is not too bad using shortcuts but it would be nice to do it faster. text plus looks like something I would buy after I use it a bit.
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    Text Plus is similar to LookDA. It's freeware and puts a tappable list of six words at the bottom of your screen that change as you type. It can be called up with a button press, but must be engaged each time you want it to work.

    With CorrectHack you can create shorthand that will call up words or phrases. For instance when I type .c followed by a space I get It makes entering web addresses easy. That requires you to memorize the shorthand, just like with shortcuts.

    It also spell corrects what you've programmed into it. I haven't had it long enough to know how slow it gets once you have a thousand entries.
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    too much to learn (G) I hate to have to learn so much. text plus is no learning and it gets your words you use in the top of the list as you use it. so you don't need to use the stylus. but the date is the only thing it won't do it looks like. I cna live with that to save on typing.
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    I found out I can use them both. though it makes it hard adding words to the other program.
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