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    Has anyone gotten this to work on a Treo 300? I can retrieve my mail manually just fine, but I get no reposne at all when I try to set it up to pull on a timed basis. According to Corsoft support I have it configured correctly, and they cannot come up with any reason to explain the failure.
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    I've had some problems with Aileron, but not with getting it to work on a schedule.
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    I've been using Aileron for a few weeks now, and except for some problems weekend before last (they apparently had a network bug), I have had no problems.

    However, in order to set up Aileron to auto-pull, you need to activate it via the Preferences dialog, and "Arming" Timed Access. Then, once that is done, make sure you touch on the clock on the top of the main screen (should be a check through the clock). That should set everything up for you.

    BTW, I think that every time you do a soft reset, you need to "re-arm" and recheck the clock.

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