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    i upgraded to Palm OSİ v.4.1H2 and lost my mail program. i dont mind losing the expense program as i never used it. can anyone help?
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    As I stated on another post, I reported this to Handspring this past Tuesday (9/17)... they had no solution.... :-(

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    I contacted Customer Support at Handspring and was told many things on how to fix the problem. None of which worked.

    They finally told me to send it back. BTW, this will be my 3rd Treo 90 due to a factory fault. Stylus, back light and now the upgrade problem losing the Mail and Expense feature.

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    I tried to contact support about my missing mail and expense apps, and the email tech support page on their website appeared to be not working- probably because of an overload of people trying to access it at once (!) Who knows, but if that flash update is frying Treos, thats a potential nightmare for Handspring.
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    Download and install the Treo 180 PD software - this installs an installer onto your Hard Disk which allows you to install the Mail application as a RAM resident application. You will have to re-install the Treo 90 software afterwards though to re-assert the correct driver for the Treo 90.
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