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    I just upgraded my OS from v. 4.1H to v. 4.1H2 to be able to use Bluetooth, etc. I lost my Expense and Mail Icon/service from the Treo 90.

    Any help or how do I go back to the older OS?

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    Hello all,

    I came to the Treo 90 table this past week and immediately upgraded to the new 4.1H2. I also lost my mail icon (and hence the program) from the device.

    I had a VERY long conversation with HS Support and she (the tech) walked me through numerous MUNDANE steps which she felt would solve the problem...... finally, she referred me up the chain and said I would be called the next day with the solution.... day comes and my new Treo has a dead backlight! Took it back to Staples for a replacement and haven't upgraded the new unit to 4.1H2 yet until I am sure that this won't happen again....

    oh, btw, I did get a call the next day, but I was on the other line and just received a voicemail from HS tech saying to call back on the main support number....

    No solution, but you're not alone......


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