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    Here we are, preparing the external case for the Nokia 7110 battery..
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    Well since you've got the case off why not solder in a LDE behind the keypad. If I remeber correctly the keypad is made such that light could go through. Just connect it to the lines feeding the main backlight or rig up an external switch.

    Aside from longer battery life, I think that is the best mod which can be done for the 180.

    Any thoughts on the feasibility of such an idea?
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    Awesome look inside of a Treo. I am not sure if I would muck about soldering things but it seems like a battery replacement is no brain surgery, if one could procure a new battery somewhere.
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    The test n one is ok.
    Here are the results:
    119 hours standby (mobile phone function always on)
    total timing for incoming and outgoing calls: 4h18, 28 sms
    This test has been done wiht a supplementary battery (3.6v, 950 mAh), soldered to the existing one.
    Now the test number two will start, with a 3,6v / 1050 mAh battery.

    Moinefou and me will proceed to this test.
    You can see the following url's:

    Good night!
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    what has happened to the experiment? Can the treo be charged with one of those batteries on without a chance of overcharging?
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