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    Has anyone ever gotten AOL IM to work without crashing? I was following a thread a week or so ago and now I can't find it.

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    I use aol im all the time and it works great. maybe download the latest version and re-install it? i have had absolutely no problems and think its the coolest reason to have my treo. keeps me in touch with my daughter at college! for the record, i am referring to the software from, not the one you get from aol anywhere.
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    So far so good for me as well. In the About section, it looks like AOL IM Version 1.1 (build5).
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    I've had AIM crash on me only once causing me to do a warm reset. My only guess is that it had something to do with me being signed on to AIM and trying to make a call at the same time.
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    Did you actually pay $20 to use AOL? Darn... I was hoping to try it first... but the only option I have is to buy it first...
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    You can actually get the AIM software for free using a link on the Handspring site. For some reason I'm unable to get it to work by copying the link into this post.

    Instead, I'll copy the link to the Handspring page where you can link over to AOL to download AIM.
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    i did not pay for the aol software. i am using the AIM software from, instant messenger site, not the aol software from aol anywhere. the 2 programs you seem to be able to get for free are aol mail anywhere, and aim. since those are the 2 things i use on aol, they work fine for me. in fact, i still like pocketflash better for mail.

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