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    Why is it that I can reply just fine to my corporate mail, but when I forward or create new mail, it doesn't know who the "From:" is? (It's me!) I get a dialog box that says "Please enter a valid email address" and they're sitting in my outbox with empty "From:" fields. How do I fix this?

    Should I be using my address under account settings instead of my PCS biz connection userID and password? I am using the personal version of biz connect running on a PC left on at work connected to an exchange server. In the account settings dialog now, with the PCS Biz Connection username and password...the user name is not an email address, could this be it? And if so, when I forward or create messages on the treo 300 what email account will it be sent from? Please help - sleepless in seattle until i figure this out...
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    i deleted biz conn
    I reinstalled biz conn
    i reset my mailbox
    it found my "From" address again

    This was caused (i think) by changing to my vision password

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