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    Damn it, I can't find it either. But I'm willing to help...

    Semi-retired author of four million-selling games and producer of another half-dozen, designer and programmer, one of very few people ever to have made money writing apps for Apple's Newton, is willing to work FOR NOTHING (ok, for food if you insist) to bring one of the usual suspect eMail programs for Treo up to snuff. I've got lots of time available, and a personal incentive to create/improve an awesome eMail app for this Treo of mine.

    Anyone seriously interested should contact me at
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    Eudora works great, but ...

    I have AT&T Broadband and nothing works with it, but the folks at handspring recommended it to me and it works! The only downside (small) is that I can check the email with the lid down like you can in Troe Mail
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    You haven't tried the mail prog at . It rocks the house!
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    How is Mark/Space better than Eudora?
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    Snappermail seems to have it all...unlimited size, attachments, .zip files, .jpg handler...etc.

    Just rec'd the Beta.
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    Can't send mail, though, if you need SMTP authorization...
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    I like Eudora, but I would like to be able to set it to check for e-mail every 30 minutes or so and to sound the alarm when e-mail arrives. Unfortunately it doesn't do this. Markspace allows you to check periodically for e-mail but it doesn't sound an alarm when e-mail arrives and it crashes often. I don't like Markspace, but I do like Eudora.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    For me, the problems with Eudora are 1) no support for the Treo and 2) the obnoxious caps-lock problem which, I suppose, is really just more of #1....
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    I've been using Corsoft's Aileron...serves me just fine. Multiple email addresses, pull email as often as you want, accomodates attachments, etc.
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    I tested Eudora since June, and now deleted one-touch. I'm pretty happy with Eudora. If I need to download or send an attachment, I use Inbox-to-go but otherwise I just use Eudora. I'm not yet on GPRS so checking frequently doesn't seem worth it even with 1400 anytime minutes. Other than one nasty (fatal hard reset) crash that may have been caused by the charger, Eudora has worked pretty well for me. I've had no support issues. I like the synching with the desktop, too.
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    My biggest problem with Aileron is that the program hangs on my Treo under the sorts of interruptions that are common (SMS messages, of which I get lots, going out of coverage). Support folks have been very attentive, but they aren't the developer, so it's unclear how often fixes will be implemented (it's been weeks since I pointed out this and another annoying problems with no word on progress).
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    I don't like the idea of paying Aileron $50.00/year to use their software when Eudora is FREE!
    Darren Greenspoon
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    1. Eudora doesn't allow you to check your email account(s) at set periods + it has a messy cap lock system. You can't choose which email to delete from the server.

    2. Aileron charges $50 per yearYou can't choose which email to delete from the server.

    Marks Mail allows you to check accounts at set intervals and is only a one time fee of $19.99
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    -Mark mail doesn't send mail immediately - saves to outbox, then requires another step to send.

    -Mark mail filters don't prevent unwanted mail from being downloaded - they only re-route it to a folder (dumb!)

    -Eudora is FREE and properly handles both of the above
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    The app that shows the most promise is BaseJet ( The programmers are working on a problem with Sprint's transparent proxy but should have a Treo 300 compatible app out shortly. This is by far the most secure and usable app I've seen. As a former Blackberry user, it's the most logical choice.
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    Basejet from what I saw does not automatically check for e-mail and sound the alarm when e-mail arrives - let me know if I am wrong.
    Darren Greenspoon
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    I do know that I can set to check every 3 minutes and beep when I get an email.
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    How do you get the beep????
    Product Page Editor
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    For Palm Eudora users on the Treo, do you find that it locks in All CAPS when writing emails (at the beginning of the message, and after each period)? This has happened to me on a T180 and T300. I found it annoying and unacceptable and moved on to try other email programs.
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    I gave up Eudora for the same reason (i.e. Caps lock)
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