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    After being frustrated for weeks and making tons of calls to Sprints tech support for my error 67 issue, I finally called at night instead of the day and low and behold - this is when all the smart people work!! I was lucky enough to get April, who went through all the steps everyone else had taken me thru (soft reset, relaunching browser, etc, etc. etc.) Then looked through the notes and saw what others had done - and said "okay is your info downloaded elsewhere, we're going full tilt this time" Thank god she said something and she gave me time to hotsync my info out before we did a hard reset, she did something on the acct on her end to give me a new computer generated username and walked me through getting Treo to recongnize it. BAM - I couldn't believe it I'm on and surfing. I also go her to walk me through how to set up my Eudora acct and she stayed on with me until she verified I was able to pull up not only my mail but my aol and yahoo accts too. Since I had seen previous postings about this Aaron guy, I asked April about him. She admits he is totally awesome and that she wouldn't know half of what she does about the Treo without his assitance. Luckily the night shift has their act together and shares info when they find new fixes therefore more people have the correct answers. It took me over and hour on hold to get to April and she was on with me for over another hour but the time was very well spent. Doesn't hurt that she sounds sexy as hell too!
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    I agree that the night crew has a clue. I have always dealt with a graveyard crew whenever I could for help. Any people that avoid the majority must be smarter than the majority.

    April and I spent the better part of Wednesday night figuring out those problems. She was great and wasn't embarrassed to let me know when she didn't understand something and was more than willing to ask the others in the room.

    I told her about this site and it turns out that now all the night techs are reading here to learn more. I hope they have some say in the future of the Treo!

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