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    It bugs me that I couldn't find a way to view MS Word documents and HTML viewers. I wouldn't need to ask normally, but I'm really a newbie with handhelds. I got a Visor Deluxe (I believe) and it's running Palm 3.0.1 so the programs need to work with that.
    Thanks so much for helping!!!
    Oh forgot to add... I love freeware, and I prefer programs to be freebies (what do you expect from a student?)
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    When I bought my Visor Neo, Staples had a deal going on where you bought the Neo and got Documents To Go Standard for $5. I think the regular price is $20, but it is well worth it.

    Documents To Go will let you load Word and Excel files from your computer onto the Visor. From there you can read them and edit them. Next time you synchronize, your changes are saved on the file on your computer. You can also create files on the Visor and next time you sync the file will be saved in your My Documents folder.

    This is really great for reports. Often times I will start a report in Word at home and then load it on to my Visor. I will take the Visor to the library and work on my report there, right in front of the reference books I need! No writing stuff down on paper then having to type it in when you get home.

    It is not free, but IMO worth the money.

    If you are really dead-set on getting a freeware Word editor, you can check out .

    As far as HTML goes, any other suggestions from our Internet capable Visor users? I don't connect my Visor to the internet so I don't know about any good web browsers for Palm OS.

    - cml
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    You might try a search at
    I use "Docs to Go" for Word, Excel, and Acrobat (.pdf) files. It is not free (or cheap for that matter) and I don't know if it will do html.
    On a side note, I use another program that I think is really good for students. It is called Thoughtmanager. It is an outliner program for taking notes and organizing them. It has a really nice desktop interface and exports into Word. You can attach sketchs to each of the notes too. I really like it but it is about $40. You can get a trial version and play with it for a long time for free (probably forever but you have to put up with "nag screens") at

    Goodluck and welcome to the PDA generation.
    - Don -
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    Freeware in general, go to lotsa good stuff!

    Wordsmith ( reads modified MS Word Documents, and InstallBuddy (same place) syncs Word docs almost seamlessly.

    Wordsmith DOES have a free version reader, but I am not sure if it will do what you need it to do by itself.

    HTML can be read by iSilo- also not free, but they have a 'lite' free version reader as well- and again, i don't know if it will do what youa re looking for.

    Pilot Install IS free and installs/translates a lot of different formats. Check out their website (which I suddenly not put my hands on! Yeesh!)
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    Thanks for all the help!!!
    I found a scientific calculator at FreewarePalm, and I put isilo free (it's supposed to be freeware) on it, so now I could view converted HTML and Doc files.
    The visor doesn't have internet capabilities, but I have assignments spects that comes in HTML, and having one of those on the visor would be very handy indeed.
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    Check out iSilo full version for a good HTML/Internet program. It will suck up a site pretty well, and also attach as many links as it can.

    I use it to browse some fave sites, then I sync the articles that appeal to me for later reading. I also suck up good reference and general reading stuff to store and use when needed.

    iSilo is probably one of my favorite apps right now.
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