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    We can't click the link you provided. Anglefire doesn't allow it....
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    woops, sorry about that I was in a rush. I guess angelfire doesn't want people hosting files on their site and people accessing them remotely. Here is the guy's page:

    Once there right click on the first date song and save it.
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    Hi Folks,

    Interesting thread - just wanted to draw your attention to the latest beta of Ringo 3.1e - at

    This fixes a bunch of things with ringtones going astray in the preferences list, allows longer - interruptable -previews of songs, warns when the tone is longer than the recommended size (10k), allows you to clear the radio of all custom tones and lets you synchronize the radio ringtones with the Ringo set - so you can use the new tones with the SpeedDial personal ringtones feature.

    I also wanted to let you know that the Polyphonic set of sounds have released for the Sony Clie will work ok on the Treo - at least the couple of tunes they have in their sample set work fine.

    I've asked them if we can have a sample set of polyphonic ringtones to ship with Ringo - and for more polyphonic content - have to see what they say.

    Anyway - please send any beta reports direct to me -

    Ringo Team
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    Before I write a full guide here's a quick and dirty method of getting midi tones to work on your treo.

    1: Download ringo:

    2: Download palm midi desktop:

    3: Install ringo

    4: search the net for a small midi file

    5: Download my simple bat file for running palm midi desktop:

    Or just make your own bat file and include the following line:
    jview -cp:a PalmMidiDesktop.jar PalmMidiDesktop

    Just make sure that your bat file or mine is in the directory where you unzipped palm midi desktop to.

    6: Open the folder where you unziped ringo to and look for the file named

    7: Copy to the folder where you unziped palm midi desktop to

    8: Run the bat file to start palm midi desktop

    9: Open the file in palm midi desktop

    10: Click file then import and choose the midi file

    11: Click file then save, then exit the program.

    12: double click on the pdb file to install it.

    13: sync your treo 300 up with your computer to install the pdb

    14: open ringo on your treo

    15: Click on the very top right menu in rigo where it says personal ring tones

    16: choose

    17: locate your midi file in the list and choose copy

    18: exit ringo and go into your main treo home and select prefs

    19: choose ring tone

    20: select your midi file out of the list of tones

    If anyone see any errors please correct me as I am going off my memory. This is only a quick and dirty guide until I make a full guide.

    I hope this helps,
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    Originally posted by bulletfast
    Before I write a full guide here's a quick and dirty method of getting midi tones to work on your treo.
    Hey Thanks for writting this and thanks ahead of time for the full guide... I have been meaning to do that but have not gotton around to it! Thanks for stepping up...

    Mobile Bob
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