I emailed Kinamo about the sound quality and this is what they said.

Thank you for the flattering comment! It's nice hear that people enjoy
>the product.
>We're currently investigating what appears to be the same issue on
>specific Palm-branded hardware. The audio plays back, but it's very
>scratchy and low quality. We are working towards a fix for this and
>will ship an updated Player which includes this fix.
>Please note that Kinoma Player doesn't leverage the telephone side of
>the device for audio playback. So the audio quality won't be nearly
>quality you experience via the headset.
>- Kinoma Support

Even though the sound isn't up to snuff, I still think it's the best movie player so far. The only problem is a one minute movie trailer is 2mb of memory. Well if you wanted to watch a full movie you would need 500 plus mb of memory. Won't happen on any palm pilot ecept if you could insert a expandable card into it. It should be possible to rig the hardware aspect of the problem. The pc hotsync cable connects with the pc via a usb connector. There are a lot of inexpensive usb compatible flash card (and probably SD card) reader/writers. If there was a way to connect the male usb connect to the palm and the other to the flash card it could be worked out, then the remaining issue would be the software on the pda that would read/write to the expansion card. Once this is all accomplished, then the device could be scaled down so that a long cable would no longer be necessary.

Just a thought since its the memory that is needed. Probably you would have to connect a 256 mb card or more to view a movie. What I would like is for someone to already download movies onto cards you could buy at Blockbuster for example. It would be like buying a movie on DVD expect on an expansion slot card for your palm. Nothing to big just something simple. And if it wasn't too difficult you could put two or three movies on one card. It would be like buying a VHS tape and connecting it to a cable that connects to your palm. Go to your software to read the card and then go to the Kinamo player and watch your movies. What do you think? Anyway sometime soon the problem should be fix regarding the sound quality of the movie player. Lets hope!!