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    I am very interested in purchasing a Treo 300 and using the Internet Edition of Treo Mail. Before I make the leap, someone please help...

    If you are using Treo Mail - Internet Edition, do you only pay for the data transferred (in MBs) or do you pay in data and in voice? (i.e. for the minutes used to make the connection)

    Also, does Sprint serve as the ISP for Treo Mail? In other words, does Sprint's Vision service equip you to use Treo Mail or do you need an additional service?

    I know these are simple questions, but I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!!
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    Your usage of TreoMail will be charged as data (by Kb). TreoMail is a service that interfaces between an existing eMail account and the Treo; it is also the name of the service's eMail client (software) on the Treo. So you will still need an ISP (or equiv) email account.
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    Thanks for the information.

    To follow-up, does that mean that the Sprint Vision service will not serve as my ISP?

    If I have the Treo and use Vision for data, will I be able to use Treo Mail to access a POP3 email account or will I need something else?

    On behalf of all less technically-inclined Treo fans, thank you.
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    Sprint does serve as your ISP as far as your phone's connection to the web is concerned (i.e. it provides access). Vision also provides for a free eMail address. TreoMail, however, works with whichever POP3 account you choose, and most people will use their traditional ISP's account for this.
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    Thank you again. Two final questions...

    If one uses Treo Mail, do they still need to Eudora or something similiar to it?

    It sounds like I will be able to use the Sprint Vision service to retrieve and send data with Treo Mail serving as the link to my POP3 email address...

    This means that I can purchase the Treo 300, find the correct service plan (Vision and Voice), install it and Treo Mail on my desktop, configure the Treo to retrieve POP3 email and I will fully functional. Am I missing anything?

    Thanks again for simplifying this process for me and others who are interested in purchasing Treos.
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    TreoMail should do it for you. Among the reasons many people use Eudora are: (1) it's free (it directly accesses your POP3 [receive] and SMTP [send] servers), while TreoMail uses an intermediate server to host and forward your e-mail, and therefore charges you $49/year for the service; and (2) Eudora will allow you to send and receive e-mail from more than one POP3 e-mail account (a feature that may come to TreoMail in the future, but is not here yet).

    One of the principal reasons for using TreoMail instead of Eudora is that TreoMail has flexible retrieval and notification options. You can have your e-mail delivered periodically throughout the day at intervals you choose. You can also be alerted with an SMS whenever you have unread e-mail. Eudora does not provide for automatic checking, and you have to use a makeshift method that requires cooperation from your e-mail provider if you want any kind of SMS notification. TreoMail also makes better use of certain Treo-specific features, like the jog-dial and the keyboard.

    Neither TreoMail nor Eudora allow you to retrieve or view attachments, but there are other services that provide for this, if you need it.

    Good luck, and happy e-mailing!
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    Iused my TREOwith Docs To Go and In Box To Go by Dataviz and works very well to handle email , attachments,etc. Take a look at this before committing to any one system

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