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    Is Chess Tiger the best chess program for the treo or does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    I've used chess tiger for some time, and I love it. It's great for going over correspondence games, etc. Everytime I've emailed support they've responded promptly.

    I tried some of the other chess apps, but none of them seemed as nice. Just my opinion though.
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    I use ChessGenius. I like the different levels of difficulty.
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    I have tried probably 6-8 different chess programs and the only one I use now is Chess Tiger. In my experience, it is the best program out there.

    If someone has another choice I would love to know what it is.
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    what are yourthoughts for the best chess program for someone who is a novice?
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    I believe chess tiger would be fine for any level player. It has a mode called Trainer that is wonderful for a novice player. The lowest level makes some mistakes so you can identify and take advantage of. It is a great training mode.

    Try the demo. I think you will like it.

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