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    my Treo 90 is on it's way. What do those of you who have one suggest for a screen protector. I would guess you would still want to have one to protect the screen though I heard someone say they didn't feel like they needed one because they didn't use the stylus anymore, only keyboard + fingertip.

    Anyone found a great value on screen protectors for the 90?
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    I personally haven't seen any screen protectors that would work on the Treo 90/270/300 (they all use the same screen) and quite frankly I don't really see a need...Because a colour screen is more backlit than a monochrome, when the screen is on you can't see any of the fingerprints or marks that may get on the screen over time (when it is turned off it is a different story though) and secondly the screen appears to have some sort of plastic covering (look closely and you will see a grid of dots) that is more resistant to scratching than my old Neo screen.

    Originally I was worried about it and looking around for appropiate screen protecters but now I am not so worried.
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    CompUSA sells WriteRights specifically made for the Treos. I used to cut my old Prism ones to fit my Treo but I just purchased some last week that are made to fit. The price is pretty steep though at $24.95 a pack but they last a long time for me.
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    You can get some screen protectors on ebay. Just make sure they are for color PDA's. I don't think they make one for the Treo's yet.

    I ending up buying 3 packages for an HP Jornada for $8.99 and I just cut them to fit. You can basically cut them to fit anything like a digital camera or cell phone.

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    I prefer to use the Write Rights made for pocket pc's on my treo. They are clearer and slicker than those made for palm units. I bought some made for an ipaq and cut it down for my treo. I also purchased the screen clean packets which give a nice smooth feel to the screen.
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    Belkin makes a Treo Specific overlay but don't buy 'em. They are "specifically for the Treo" BUT BELKIN PUT THEIR @#$%@! LOGO RIGHT WHERE YOU ENTER TEXT IN THE PHONE BOOK! STUPID! Otherwise they are perfect size and you can use them on the outer cover as well as the screen. I guess you could put them on upside down or cut them short.....

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