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    After 21 days I finally gave up and returned my Treo 300. During this time I have written a small review which I will share with everybody in a few days. I guess the smartphone market will very soon offer much better solutions. till then I will wait ....
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    Sad to hear it! I almost gave up but I'm glad I didn't. Well, wish you best of luck with whatever device you choose next.
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    I find it interesting how different experiences happen. i've had (almost) no issues with my device. no problems getting going; no issues with hard resets. I could not be happier. Strange.
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    I've also been nothing but delighted with the Treo/Sprint, after a day of confusion. The fact that I was spared provisioning hell is dumb luck, I suppose, but I'd certainly suggest that folks with problems stick with it awhile before giving up.
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    Same here. First day was hell - no knowledgable tech support and provisioning took a day. But this site was great in getting my email up and going and configuring Eudora. sbcglobal had all sort of issues that were resolved via posts. Now the Treo works great and there are no issues - I love being able to look up a contact and then dialing the number.
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    Same here. Since first day (provisioning issues) and a day when I tried to change my Vision password, have had absolutely NO issues. Only troublesome/bothersome issue is that darn wiggle in my lid when it is open....

    I see posts about the led light changing to red when they are in a service area....hasn't happened to me.

    I see posts about apps causing fatal alert messages...hasn't happened to me (by the grace of God, probably haven't pulled down one of the apps that seems to cause them i.e. RINGO).

    Currently have:
    Photo (Handspring Photo mgr)
    SplashWallet Suite

    no issues to date...

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    How is OmniRemote working for you? I've been considering getting that app but was wearing on how functional and intuitive it is.
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    Not sure just yet. Pulled it down (trial version) last night, haven't had a chance to train the buttons yet. Will keep you posted on likes/dislikes.

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    Originally posted by Hairy Palms
    How is OmniRemote working for you? I've been considering getting that app but was wearing on how functional and intuitive it is.
    You'll find the IR on the Treo woefully underpowered. I doubt they boosted it between the 180 and 300.
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    I bought my Treo300 on Aug 12th, and started trying to send it back on Sep 7th. Sprint PCS, with the worst warranty in the cellphone business, told me that I:
    a) Can't return the phone and get my money back
    b) Can't do a warranty replacement and get anything other than a re-furbished phone

    Has anyone gotten around this?

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