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    I just got an email from Electric Pocket saying that a new beta was available for the 300. It's available at: . I just installed it, so I can't tell you whether I like it or not yet.

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    Hmmm. Not entirely impressed yet. Can't seem to find the 'Friends' screen to assign pictures and ringtones to callers. Can anybody else?

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    Do they offer polyphonic ringtones?
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    It says in the readme:

    Bonus for Treo 270 Only:
    * Set a personal ringtone for each of your friends
    * Set ringtones for your address book groups
    * Show photos, pictures or icons for each caller or group

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    I don't see anything about polymorphic in any of their documentation. The sample sounds don't sound so great either...

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    Doesn't sound so appetizing just yet. Have you tried other ringtones aside from the samples provided? The samples could just be crapping.
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    Is it possible to install treopictureid along with Ringo to get the full functionality? Or would it both be calling any type of system call and crash?
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    I have both installed and have found no conflicts on my 300 yet.

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    i replied to the ringo beta email and asked the polyphonic question. their answer was that they were 'pursuing it with' as they (electric pocket) only make the ringo software, not the ringtone 'content'. i think the answer is that some of the creative types have to get hold of ringo and play.
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    Well, I held out for Ringo for one reason - it puported to do everything I wanted, offer picture caller id and custom ringtones. Got this from the developer today:

    The icon feature has proven to be very difficult to implement on the Treo 300, so I have pulled back from it for now. I would love to offer it, but can't see a feasible way to do this at present. Sorry.
    Oh well, guess I'll try a combination of apps.

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    in looking further at ringo, i can't see how it could make polyphonic ringtones with its interface of one note at a time. i am guessing that those ringtones will have to be made on external software then downloaded, at which time ringo will probably be able to install them.
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    I tried the beta, but the process using this software is too convoluted -- someone has to come up with a better solution. Give credit to Mobile Bob in his post for showing that it can be done:
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    It seems like some of the ringers may be installed into flash memory. So make sure you like the ones you copy, because they may stay there. Damn 90210 theme.
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    For those who might be interested:

    The new Ringo 3.1 beta version works without any bugs nor crashes (been using it for quite few days now) on a Treo 270...

    Good to know!
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    hey you guys,
    does anyone know where to get ringtones for free?
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    you can use the geeksounds with ringo (or hoho or tcringer...). They're a collection of many sounds mostly themes. You can get them for free at for instance.

    treopolis -the German treo site

    Now in beta testing: treopolis 2.0

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