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    Hello. I am new to smartp hones and palm. Purchased a used Verizon Centro (no cd manual or instructions included) and and am wondering how to get started once I receive it in the mail.

    Misc. questions:

    Do I I have to have a data plan with Verizon for this phone. What will I be able to do versus not do with or without a data plan?

    Where can I get basic setup instructions for the centro?

    Can I sync it with google calendar? If so, how?

    Can I get my gmail email on the centro?

    Lastly, can anyone recommend a good website to read for a person like me who has never used a smart phone before and needs to learn the bare bones basics?

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    Ruby, congratulations. I think you are going to be so pleased with your new phone. Here's the Palm support page for the Verizon Centro.

    Palm Support : Centro for Verizon Specifications

    That gives you links to the Quick Reference Guide and the User Guide. It also gives you all the specs for the phone.

    This site ( is the most amazing resource. Find the Centro section and starting reading/searching. Don't rush. Read a little, fool with your phone a little. Enjoy the relationship.

    My only caution is don't rush to load it with software. Learn to use it first and when you're ready to add some software, do it one or two at a time. Sometimes you'll get a conflict and it will crash the phone or make it act weird. If you've loaded a lot of things at once, you won't know which one is doing it and which one to delete.

    I don't know how the data works on Verizon.

    You can sync with google. Google it for the link or search on this site. Get google maps while you're at it. Also you can go to gmail via the browser - no muss, no fuss - until you get your email set up another way.

    Hope this helps you. Have fun!!
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    ruby t.,

    The Centro was the last Verizon smartphone that Verizon allowed with no minimum monthly data plan. At that time, there was an option to sign up for $0 monthly data charges, with data being charged per-megabyte or per-minute. Those of us who rarely wanted data would set up our Centro to have two Network settings under Prefs, one to allow data, and the other to turn off data. The turned-off setting kept us from accumulating background "ping" type data charges (because some apps occasionally checked their servers), and greatly increased battery life. Here are the instructions to create the "NoDataCharges" setting.

    I don't know how that would work now. Perhaps your current contract would work that way, perhaps not.

    I also highly recommend the free backup app NVBackup. Set up a schedule for automatic backups, like at 2am every night. It saved me when I had to exchange my Centro--I just popped out the micro SD card from the bad Centro and popped it into the new Centro and restored.

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