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    Yesterday I downloaded an application called MacroPlay from PalmGear. It requires Hackmaster, so maybe its a hack. Anyway, in no time I programmed a macro (then set it to 32x speed) and assigned a button to it.

    Now, with the flip closed, I can press the mail button and it will go get my email in Eudora, and disconnect, all automatically. It is really a neat little app.

    The big news for some of you will be that you can schedule it to automatically run the macro at various time. This could be done to effectively push your email when you want it.

    Just thought you might like to know!
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    That would be a "pull" of your eMail on a regular schedule....

    To me the biggest issues with Eudora are the awkward (to say the least) handling of the shift key (i.e. going into caps lock after a period) and its complete lack of support for the jog dialer. For example, with Mailer and TreoMail, you can use the jog dialer to browse through all of your mail - no need to open the flip. I've also read that the product is no longer being worked on, which means that updates are entirely unlikely.
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    Yes it would be a "pull" of email on a regular basis. But because it would be scheduled to do so without the user intervening, it would be an "effective push", that's why I phrased it that way.

    You are correct, I think Eudora is not being developed any further. Although I can use the up and down keys to at least scroll through the sender and subject lines. That way I can see for myself all 50+ emails for mortgages, free cell phones, Viagra, credit cards, etc. Can't someone put an end to unsolicited spam!?

    At least with JogDial I can delete them all at once without opening the flip.
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    Sorry, I didn't mean my comment to be taken badly.

    Regarding eMail programs, I've made extensive notes about 9 of them, and frankly can't find any ONE that satisfies me.

    The closest, for my uses, are: Mailer, TreoMail, and Eudora. Amd their major weaknessess (for my use) are speed, latency, and lack of Treo support, respectively. If Mailer had active developers (which it appears they do not), it would be an easy first choice for me.

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