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    Has anyone installed QuickOffice 6.0 on their Treo 300?

    If so how does it work, was the installation seamless, how did it affect memory?
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    I have installed QO 6 and it works flawlessly. I am also using it with Aileron Mail to send/receive attachments. In total it uses about 1mb if you install everything, inlcuding help files, samples, thes. and speller. Highly recommended.
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    Re: Aileron...

    I really wanted to use this, but I found it to be very "flaky". For one thing, data transfers are hung by virtually any interruption (for me, SMS messages are the most common) - the program will simply sit and wait forever. At least three other mail programs that I've tried work flawlessly through all sorts of interruptions.

    Second, their server prepends a bunch of garbage at the beginning of HTML mail. I was told it would be fixed in a week or so, because that's when the "developer" could get around to it.

    Third, the service depends on their servers working, and I have no clue how reliable they are.

    All in all, I love the functionality and the customer service folks, but I don't think the product is ready for prime-time.


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