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    I have had the Treo 300 for several weeks and have never been able to get the Ebay web page in color as shown on some Treo 300 ads. Anyone had any luck?
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    it's a marketing mock-up image. Not to say it could'nt be generated, but it's not all that useful.

    Try this one instead, put a prettier face on it if you like...
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    That's a great question. Blazer seems to resole web sites well but if you try to go to you get this "mobile" version of eBay that I don't prefer. Suggestions?
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    if the treo tried to show that image with all the graphics it would eat up your download MB quite fast. the web clipping and mobile sites are designed to just give you the info you need. not as pretty, but saves you money! if you really want the ebay screen image on there, make it into a palm graphic and set it as your background or something )
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    I posted this once before but nobody paid any attention. I think this is what you want:
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    Has anyone tried to get the "my ebay" page which shows your current auctions and other personal info? I can sign into the site without a problem. But then I go into one of the endless loops when I try to see any of my info.
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    I have the same experience ... the ebay wireless site is just a POS. I recall having the same issues a year ago on my I300.

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